2011 Alberta Auto Accident Statistics

Traffic fatalities decreased to 9.0% from 2010, dropping from 344 fatalities to 313 in 2011.

Traffic injuries increased by 1.8% from 2010, increasing from 18,253 injuries to 18,584 in 2011

September represented the highest number of fatal collisions while the highest number of auto accident injuries occured in January.

Friday was the most collision-prone day of the week.

Afternoon rush-hour represented the most collision-prone time of the day.

Casualty rates were highest for people between the ages of 15 – 24.

Male drivers between the ages of 18 – 19 had the highest rate of all drivers involved in casualty collisions.

Tail-gating, left hand turns, and running off the road are the leading improper actions contributing to casualty collisions.

Fatal collisions occurred most frequently in rural areas, while injury and property damage collisions occurred most often in urban areas.

46.3% of pedestrians involved in fatal collisions has consumumed alcohol.

16.5% of drivers involved in fatal collisions had consumed alchohol prior to collisions.





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Posted on October 14th, 2013