Families Sue Landlord For Negligence Following 2009 Fire

The victims of a fatal basement suite fire, which resulted in the death of three young adults, are suing the building’s landlord for damages resulting from negligence. The plaintiffs hope that the lawsuit will send a message to other Canadian Landlords regarding issues of building owners’ liability, and negligence.

Four separate lawsuits were filed against Akif Amin, on January 24, 2011, by the families of Jonathan St. Pierre, Tiffany Cox, and Colleen Mantei, who were killed in the blaze, and Tammy Adasci who survived the fire.

The 2009 blaze was caused by a space heater in one of the building’s basement suites that caught fire, filling the basement with smoke. The lawsuits claim that, in addition to having faulty smoke detectors, the basement suites violated fire code regulations by having undersized windows, which were blocked by fixed metal bars.

Amin pleaded guilty to violating fire codes and was fined over $90,000.

A Message to Landlords In Canada

The damages awarded to the victims’ families were enough to cover their legal expenses, and provided for their losses –but financial compensation was not their top priority. The surviving families of the victims hoped that the lawsuit would increase awareness surrounding landlords’ obligations and responsibilities for the safety of their tenants.

Surviving tenant, Tammy Adasci, is seeking $2 million in further damages after she suffered carbon monoxide poisoning, pneumonia, post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as long-term physical and psychological injuries stemming from the 2009 fire.

Adasci believes that Amin should have faced criminal charges for his negligence, and argues that a criminal charge would have sent a more powerful message to the public and to other landlords.

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Posted on February 25th, 2014