Nursing Home Abuse In Alberta And Litigation

As our health system experiences the aging effects of the baby boomer population in Alberta, more and more citizens require nursing home care. This privatized area of healthcare can often result in stressful living/working environments where nursing home staff are left to operate with less supervision, resources, and training for the responsibilities they are given.

Senior Nursing Care Is Demanding

It is always a very difficult decision for a family to leave the care of an aging loved one in the hands of a private healthcare entity. But often in the case of dementia or Alzheimer’s it is the best choice for the care and security of the person in need. There is a great deal of trust between the family and the facility, as well as a considerable financial commitment that comes with an expected level of care.

Signs Of Abuse In A Nursing Home

If you have a loved one in the care of a nursing home in Alberta, it is important that you monitor their level of care and general condition during their stay. It is important to identify the less obvious forms of abuse such as neglect, and physical and mental exploitation, that can result in mental trauma for the patient. Such mental abuse can lead to depression, with drawl, and decreased communication.

More obvious forms of physical abuse can appear as bruises, swelling, cuts, burns, and broken bones. However, professional neglect is the most commonly identified form of nursing home abuse that involves bedsores, patients not having access to regular washing, poor hygiene and unkempt appearance, and medical neglect.

Contact Us About Claims For Nursing Home Abuse In Calgary

If you have entrusted a nursing home facility in Alberta to care for your loved one, and you feel that they are being abused or neglected during their stay, we urge you to contact our personal injury lawyers in Calgary today and let us help you assess the situation, and plan your next steps in going forward to file a claim.





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Nursing Home Abuse Claims In Calgary

Posted on July 1st, 2013