The Personal Injury Claims Process

Miller Thomson’s personal injury lawyers in Alberta have a close understanding of the emotional, physical, and financial stresses you face as the victim in a serious accident. For this reason, our personal injury practice offers a contingency-based fee that covers all of the upfront LEGAL costs (DISBURSEMENTS) associated with your recovery and settlement. Following an accident there CAN BE numerous costs associated with medical care, dental care, rehabilitation, AND emotional therapy. IN ADDITION it may be necessary to incur in the costs of hiring field experts that may be required in building your case. Under a contingency fee, following a reached settlement, all of these LEGAL costs are COMMONLY handled between our personal injury lawyers and the insurance company OF THE AT FAULT PERSON

Pursuing Your Injury Claim

The first step in filing a claim is to meet with our legal team to assess your accident, your current status and outlook, as well as your situation previous to the accident (type of work, income, etc.). In building your case we employ, AS NEEDED, a bank of accident reconstruction experts, medical experts, physiotherapists, HR analysts, economists, and care assessment experts. Our lawyers will also contact the appropriate insurance companies to ensure there is DISCLOSURE OF RELEVANT information relating to your accident.

We Reach Favourable Settlements By Negotiation Before Litigation

As a personal injury firm in Alberta, it is our goal to ensure our clients receive ONGOING LEGAL ADVICE DURING their rehabilitation, while delivering a settlement as quickly as possible. Because of thorough case preparation, expert testimony, and firm negotiation skills, the majority of our cases reach favorable settlements for our clients.

If there is an area of your case that is in dispute our personal injury lawyers are very prepared to leverage every resource in the interests of winning your case.





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Calgary Personal Injury Lawyer

Posted on August 1st, 2013